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Aurlar's Gift Card Giveaway

Hi there. Welcome to Aurlar's gift card giveaway event.



Thanks for your shopping with Aurlar! Congratulations! You also get a chance to win the gift card as the same amount as your order.

(Of course, if you are not our customer yet, please click the link: to complete your first order, then you can join in our giveaway events.)



When you receive our item, and everything is okay. Then you can take a fun video or story and share it on your IG or Tiktok, and tag our tiktok account "Aurlar" or IG account "aurlarofficial".




After a week, please check your video. If you get 1000 likes or 10,000 views, please take a screenshot and contact our customer service.





After we check all the info, we will send the gift card to your email address. You will get the gift card as the same amount as your order. Then you can use the code to get your favorite at aurlar!




If you have any question about this event, please contact