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FAQs About Aurlar Leakproof Underwear



1. Absorbency level of our period underwear?

Our leak proof products are made of different absorption layer and leak proof layer. Each product has a different positioning, so the absorption level is different. For the specific product absorption level ,please refer to the details page of each product.
--Absorption level is approximately 15ml (about 3 teaspoons or equivalent 3 tampons)
--Absorption level is approximately 30ml (about 6 teaspoons or equivalent 6 tampons)

2. Whether the leak proof period underwear can be used alone?

We recommend menstrual cups or tampons as a backup protection for heavier days. During lighter days (your period flow is lower than leak proof underwear absorption), you can wear our leak proof underwear on their own.

3. How to clean up the leak proof period underwear?

Taking into account the cleaning problem of our products, we use materials that are easy to clean and maintain. Machine wash in a cold cycle with mild detergent, hang dry or dry at low temperature after washing. Taking into account the cleaning problem of our products, we use materials that are easy to clean and maintain. Therefore, when cleaning the leak proof period underwear, you can use the machine to wash them in a cold cycle with a mild detergent. After washing, hang or dry at low temperature. Special reminder: Do not use softener or bleach, and do not iron at high temperature.

4. How to choose the leak proof period underwear?

The leak proof period underwear is not different from ordinary underwear except that the bottom crotch is slightly thicker and can absorb moisture. We also focus on the customer's wearing experience in the design, and make the crotch soft, skin-friendly and breathable. Therefore, when considering the choice of the leak proof period underwear, you can choose styles (thongs, boxers, lace, prints, etc.) according to your usual preferences. In addition to this, what you have to consider is your own menstrual flow in different periods. It is suggested here that you can choose light and middle weight products according to your daily favorite style. In normal times, you can wear it and feel it, besides, it can be ready during your menstrual period, just like when you first use tampons and sanitary napkins. After a period of time, you will know the level of absorption that suits you. If you need help finding the size of the leak-proof product that suits you, please contact your dedicated service staff. We will communicate one-on-one to help you solve all your problems.

5. The working principle of the leak proof period underwear?

Compared with ordinary underwear, our leak proof products differ in the material and processing technology of the bottom crotch.
①Face wave: The face wave cloth we choose is quick-drying fabric that absorbs moisture and wicks perspiration. This fabric can ensure that moisture will quickly pass through the noodle cloth to the lower absorbent layer when it comes in contact with the noodle wave. At the same time, it can take away the residual moisture on the skin surface. While keeping the skin dry, it does not provide an environment for bacteria to grow and multiply.
② Absorbent layer: We select fabrics that can absorb liquid and lock it, which can keep the liquid in this layer as much as possible without leaking.
③Leak-proof layer: The leak-proof layer we use is a specially processed material, which can block water molecules from continuing to move down, but will not block gas molecules. In other words, while being waterproof, it can ensure the breath ability of the bottom crotch, so that you will not feel stuffy when wearing it.
④Main fabric: The main fabric is made of materials with high elasticity and good air permeability. Our physiological pants are soft and comfortable, and fit your skin flat. Wearing it not only guarantees your wearing comfort, but the strictly controlled production process guarantees the safety of the human body.

6. How often is it replaced?

When you first start using such products, it is recommended that you use pads or tampons as spares. After understanding your own menstrual flow, choose a product with an appropriate absorption level. When the absorbency level is greater than a day's menstrual flow, there is no problem wearing it for a whole day.