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Let Us Take You Back

Founded in the heart of fashion innovation, Aurlar was born out of a passion for women's comfort and confidence in 2020. With a commitment to quality, we embarked on a journey to redefine intimate wear. Our story is one of relentless dedication to crafting bras that prioritize both style and substance. Inspired by the diverse stories and needs of women worldwide, our designs reflect that. Through meticulous research and innovative technology, we've created breathable, shape-retaining bras that empower women to embrace their unique beauty every day. We're more than just lingerie; it's a celebration of individuality and self-assurance.

our mission

to create true-to-size, body reshaping, bulge-free, boob-friendly lingerie. Oh, and with the ability to accentuate your curves giving that snatched-waist look always.

We want you to feel liberated

Sounds cliche doesn't it? But it is what it is, because Aurlar is owned by a few women who's just sick of feeling bad about ourselves having to live by social standards.

We want you to fall in love again

Foremostly, with yourself. You deserve to move and feel real good about yourself - from getting out of shower to walking down the street. At any time, any day.

and we want you to stop buying bras that doesn't work.

Seriously, they form irreversible bad body shapes and boob shapes. For life.

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“Revolutionizing comfort and support, this groundbreaking bra seamlessly combines style and functionality, empowering women with unrivaled confidence and comfort all day long.”

– Evelyn A. | West Nyack, NY

Your Boobs Will Thank You.

So will your back.

Wear the bra your boobs need.

No more bad bra days.
Start feeling good now.