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We Are Aurlar


The fashion industry has experienced industrialization. Clothing has changed from durable goods to fast-moving consumer goods. From raw material procurement, production and processing to consumption, it has caused a lot of pollution, and the huge waste caused by excessive production every year is countless.

In Aurlar, we through the green design strategy, combined with the concept of the clothing life cycle, we strive to minimize the consumption of resources, eliminate the use of raw materials containing toxic and harmful substances, and reduce the generation and discharge of pollutants, thereby achieving environmental protection.


Mulberry Silk Material 


Mulberry Silk is composed of protein fibers which has a smooth surface. At the same time, the silk fabric not only has a good heat dissipation performance, but also has a good insulator. There are many thin fibers to prevent the heat distribution in the air which let silk fabric has a good thermal insulation effect.

1. Good hygroscopicity, soft hand feel, hygienic and comfortable to wear
2. The wet strength is greater than the dry strength, but the overall strength is firm and durable
3. Good dyeing performance, soft luster and natural beauty
4. Good heat resistance, will not be damaged due to high ambient temperature, durable and washable

Our development team took one year, after hundreds of repeated trials and practices, and finally adopted the single-added spandex,double-sided textile sanding process, and developed a large stretch, soft touch, like the second layer of human skin— Nuls skin-friendly nude fabric. Nuls fabric adopts double-sided textile structure, good protection, with thin and impermeable, safe protection, four-dimensional elasticity, waxy soft touch, light wrapping, smooth fit, unrestrained, moisture wicking, and other functions which reach your ultimate vision of skin-friendly nakedness, achieve the ultimate in functionality, and be born for stretching light exercises!