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Environmental Policy

As sustainability and the welfare of the planet is at the core of our values as a company, we take our environmental responsibilities seriously and strive to reach these goals every day.

Aurlar is accountable for this policy and will endeavor to deliver the Brand’s environmental strategy to reduce our environmental impact. The policy and its commitments are shown through our objectives, which are owned by Aurlar team, and we support and strive for environmental improvement continually. Our objective is to prevent pollution, remain legal, and seek out and practice environmental opportunities.

Our core commitments are to:

Reduce our waste, create sustainable, long-lasting products, and to use recycled or recyclable materials whenever possible. Continue to reduce our carbon footprint, and actively research and use alternative renewable energy solutions.

Learn more about our existing products’ environmental impact and reduce it.

Create and provide environmental training to help grow our team’s knowledge allowing our environmental performance to move forward.

We understand our activities have an impact on the natural environment, and our sustainable approach to creating and manufacturing will help us to recognize, reduce, and manage our impact throughout the supply chain.

Knowing and engaging with our suppliers is vital to our environmental strategy. And as we move forward, we will continue to oversee the use of our suppliers’ commitments. Providing legal, sustainable materials, reducing energy, waste, and water use are the most significant areas when working with suppliers.

Our commitment is to continually help our suppliers find opportunities for efficiency and demonstrate the sustainability of our products.

This environmental policy will be reviewed annually.