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Aurlar Affiliate Program

Hello, everyone, thanks for your love to Aurlar.
Aurlar's Original Intention: To create the softest bra; to keep the most authentic quality; to provide the best service; to find the most comfortable and eco-friendly material; to make a difference for our planet.

If you love Aurlar and you’re making waves with your blog posts, Instagram stories, TikTok dances, podcast, or newsletter, then you just might be a perfect fit for the Aurlar Affiliate Program. Check out two ways to get involved below.


Brand Ambassadors

If you’re open to promoting Aurlar through your social channels (specifically Instagram, TikTok, or YouTube), we offer a commission on all net sales, as well as the potential to get your hands on some free products.

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Media Publications

If you'll be promoting through other online mediums such as a publication, email newsletter, podcast, personal blog, or pretty much anything else outside the world of likes and retweets, we offer a commission on all net sales.

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