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Designing a full support bra that conceals side and back bulges involves meticulous pattern engineering, incorporating reinforced side panels, and using specialized fabrics.

Strategic seam placement and contoured padding are employed to sculpt the silhouette, ensuring a comfortable and confident fit for the wearer while addressing aesthetic concerns.

See what the Aurlar effect is all about.

Sculpting Confidence: The Back-Fat Eliminating Bra

Engineered to eliminate all back fat employs a combination of technical features aimed at achieving a smooth and seamless appearance. The core element is the broad, stretchable back band, crafted from a firm and supportive fabric designed to effectively redistribute pressure and compress any excess skin or tissue along the back. This wide band not only minimizes the appearance of back fat but also enhances overall comfort and stability. Additionally, the bra incorporates strategic construction techniques, such as bonded or laser-cut edges, to ensure a seamless profile that remains discreet under clothing. The combination of these design aspects, along with properly positioned and adjustable shoulder straps, works in tandem to evenly distribute breast weight and maintain a secure fit, thereby reducing the formation of back fat and providing a sleek and flattering silhouette. Accurate sizing is pivotal in optimizing these effects, ensuring that the wide band bra effectively achieves its goal of eliminating back fat and side bulges while delivering comfort and support.

With Aurlar Bra

Boobs Uplifted = Confidence Elevated

A full-support bra employs a combination of design elements and materials to effectively uplift the breasts and provide enhanced support. At its core, the bra includes underwire or strong, rigid underbands that encircle the lower portion of each breast. This underwire or underband acts as a structural framework, helping to lift and shape the breasts by distributing the weight evenly across the chest. Additionally, full-support bras often feature molded or padded cups that help maintain breast shape and prevent sagging. The straps of the bra are typically wider and adjustable, which aids in distributing the breast weight over the shoulders and prevents excessive strain on any single point. Overall, the combination of these design features ensures that the breasts are comfortably lifted and well-supported, providing wearers with both aesthetic benefits and long-term comfort.

With Our Front Clasp Back Smoothing Cup Shaping Bra

Cup Perfection All Day Every Day

Aurlar bra features advanced materials and design, ensuring it retains its original shape even under the most rigorous compression. Its resilience and durability make it a long-lasting and reliable choice for all-day comfort and support.

Breathe Easy, Stay Fresh and Comfortable

The bra boasts a highly breathable fabric engineered to provide optimal ventilation and moisture-wicking properties. Its innovative material enhances comfort by keeping the wearer cool and dry, making it an ideal choice for active lifestyles and all-day wear.

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